How we can help

We have years of experience with Caterhams, having driven, bought and sold over a thousand Sevens in all varieties.
Caterhams are a huge passion of ours and nothing makes us happier than helping other passionate petrol heads to get the most out of their Caterham experience.

With our experience we can help you to pick your way through the plethora of options out there to find your first Caterham, or even that long deserved upgrade.

We can advise on the right modifications from personal experience, and make them a reality for you.

We can also provide servicing, repairs, paint work, insurance valuations and MOTs as well as advise on all the best products to help you look after your car.

Basically, whether it's for road, track days or racing, we can advise on the best ways for you get the most fun out of your Caterham.


First time buyer?

The Caterham marketplace is a minefield to navigate for the first-time buyer. There are literally hundreds of cars to choose from.

There are dozens of models out there which have come and gone over the past 60 years, some good, some great and some downright crazy! The variation of specifications, performance and drive-ability are truly endless. Finding the right car for you is key, with our knowledge and experience of the marque we can help to point you in the right direction.

We pride ourselves on customer service, part of which is making sure that we accurately identify each customer's specific needs to ensure we match them up with the right car. Having bought and sold over 1000 Caterhams and having been lucky enough to drive almost every model and variation Caterham have ever built, we draw on this experience to ensure we can offer every customer the insight required to make the right decision.


The Caterham Marketplace

Caterhams take many different forms. To some they are racing cars, to others they are garage queens, and everything in between. Their residual value means they change hands often, going from one owner to the next, taking on a slightly different form for each one. 

Their simplicity means Caterhams also last the test of time. Maintenance and modifications are easily done at home and for that reason often are. Some of these may be done by experienced engineers, others by enthusiastic amateurs. It pays to know what's been done properly and what might lead to trouble down the line.

We can look at your car and advise on what is standard and what is not, as well as offer any remedial or improvement works where required.

Combining our knowledge with our wealth of highly experienced contacts in the field, we can source any part and solve any issue, no matter how obscure.

Selling your Caterham?

Selling Caterhams privately can be very difficult.


From deciphering your car's value and how to market it, to that dreaded test drive where you let a stranger loose in your pride and joy. It's a daunting prospect.

We can offer to either purchase your car or orchestrate the sale on a sale or return basis, taking a modest commission once sold. 

If you'd like some help, feel free to give us a call. We will do all we can to help you achieve as much as possible with minimal fuss and effort.

Services, repairs & upgrades

Maintaining and improving your car, is half the fun of ownership

Having been Caterham owners ourselves for many years, and knowing so many others, we are all too aware how personally connected we get with our Caterhams.

For many of us they are not so much cars, but part of the family. Like that pet which, OK might wind you up at times and become a nuisance, but you love it anyway because of how it makes you feel.

You wouldn't take your cat or dog to just any old place to get it looked at, you go to specialists who really know your animal and who will give it the best care possible. 

We can offer you that specialist pair or eyes who know how to look after a Caterham and what to look for in a health check. We care about your pride and joy, and we want to help you keep it in the best possible condition.

We can provide:




Damage Repair


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