• This absolutely stunning "Limited Edition Seven Sprint" was created to mark the 60th anniversary of the original Lotus Seven. For this special edition, Caterham decided to use their Seven 160 model as a base to create a beautifully tailored recreation of some of the earliest Seven's, using modern technology and techniques. The results were breath-taking and without doubt one of the stylish Sevens ever to leave Caterham’s production line.


    The 160 model was already a fantastic modern-day harp back to the Sevens of old, using small 80 horsepower engines, with reduced grip from skinny steel wheel and a classic live axle to replicate the feel of driving a 1950's Seven.


    For the powerplant, Caterham turned to Suzuki who provided a fantastic 660cc turbo charged, three-cylinder engine, complete with 5 speed gearbox and live axle. This package when dropped into the lightweight Seven chassis made for a thrilling little sports car. The power to grip ratio meant you had more than enough to get the car moving about underneath you, but without the ultimate power to get you in trouble for accidently achieving ridiculous speeds.


    Marrying this mechanical specification up with the wonderful styling offered by the 60th Anniversary Edition and what we have is modern day classic car. This offers all of the driving and aesthetic pleasures of an high end classic car, without any of the worries of actually using such a thing.


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    Caterham 60th Anniversary Sprint

    • Limited Edition Seven Sprint

      60th Anniversary model #29 of 60

      Series 3 Chassis

      Old English White

      1500 miles

      First registered 2017