Basic Information:
CSR 235
CSR Chassis
British Racing Green and Yellow
24000 miles
First registered 2007
Technical Specification:
2.3L Cosworth Duratec Engine with Roller Barrel Throttle Bodies 235bhp
5 speed gearbox
3.1 long ratio differential
Adjustable platform springs and dampers
Inboard front suspension with Aerofoil wishbones
Fully independent rear suspension
Ventilated front discs with quad piston callipers
Uprated brake master cylinder
15" Black CSR Superlight alloys with 9" rears
Avon CR500 Tyres
Exterior Specification:
Full weather equipment
Trackday roll over bar
Bright pack
Silver AERO fuel filler cap
LED indicator pods
LED R500 Clear lens pack
AERO mirrors
Draft excluder
Interior Specification:
Adjustable Leather Seats
Lowered floors
4-point harness
CSR Modular dashboard
Momo mounted steering wheel
Push button start
12v socket
Starcom intercom system
Fire extinguisher
The CSR was Caterham's 21st century 7, designed again from the ground up using modern motoring technology. From an engineering point of view, it is without question the most advanced and capable 7 ever to be produced. The new chassis, complete fully independent rear suspension and inboard front suspension on push rods, significantly increase the overall grip and drivability of the car, whilst the new cockpit provides far more "up to date" place to be, incorporating things like self-cancelling indicators on stalks.
The CSR came in one of two models, the CSR 200, or the CSR 260. Both were powered by a 2.3L Cosworth Duratec engine. The 200 was fitted with a large single inlet plenum and produced 200bhp, this was developed to deliver a smooth and controllable supply of power to ultimately supply the best possible road going driving experience. The 260 model saw this inlet plenum replaced with throttle bodies and a more extreme set cams to offer a ferocious but slightly peakier 260bhp along with a heart-stopping soundtrack.
This very traditional CSR began its life as a 200, oriented towards extended road trips. To that end it was specified with 5 speed gearbox, which offers longer gearing than the 6 speed, along with all of the other road going accessories, such as leather seat, a heater, weather equipment etc.
Later in life this CSR has undergone some enhancements to further develop it towards the ultimate road going tourer. Along with several minor refinements, such as the Starcom intercom system and draft excluder, it has also seen some far more costly and significant changes. The engine has now been fitted with Jenvy throttle bodies whilst retaining the original cams. This provides an extra 35bhp without compromising the delivery and possibly more importantly, also adds the unbelievable sound track only usually found on the 260 model. In addition to that a taller ratio 3.1 differential has also been fitted to further extend the gears, allowing the user to make maximum use of the huge 186lbft of torque provided by the newly upgraded 2.3L Cosworth engine.
This CSR then is a truly unique Caterham, classically finished and highly refined towards extended road use.
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Caterham CSR 200