• The CSR was Caterham's 21st century 7, designed again from the ground up using modern motoring technology. From an engineering point of view, it is without question the most advanced and capable 7 ever to be produced. The new chassis, complete fully independent rear suspension and inboard front suspension on push rods, significantly increase the overall grip and drivability of the car, whilst the optional CSR Modular cockpit provides far more "up to date" place to be, incorporating things like self-cancelling indicators and controls on stalks.
    The CSR came in one of two models, the CSR 200, or the CSR 260. Both were powered by a 2.3L Cosworth Duratec engine. The 200 was fitted with a large single inlet plenum and produced 200bhp, this was developed to deliver a smooth and controllable supply of power to ultimately supply the best possible road going driving experience. The 260 model saw this inlet plenum replaced with throttle bodies and a more extreme set cams to offer a ferocious 260bhp along with a heart-stopping soundtrack.


    This CSR 260 has had a bit of a chequred past. We collected it from its last owner of four years, and at this time it was in a slightly sorry state. It also lacked much in the way of history, other than a large invoice for an engine rebuild back in 2015 somewhere in Europe.

    This CSR really needed someone to invest the time and money to properly recondition it and bring it back to a standard where it could be enjoyed and last for many years to come. And thats exactly what we have done.


    Whilst the car has been with us we have had it stripped back to its bare bones and diligently put back together with an abundance of new or reconditioned parts.

    The engine was removed from the car and given a health check and a clean up whilst the gearbox was taken apart and rebuilt by Road and Race transmissions. All four corners of the suspension were cleaned up or re-powdercoated as approprate, and put back together with new rear dampers before the car went for a full respray in McLaren Orange.

    The carbon fibre wings, headlamps and dashboard were all reconditioned and put back on the car, along with reconditioned CSR alloys, restored leather seats and new carpets finishing off the interior. Of course on top of all these major items a huge number of smaller parts and ancileries which were replaced as we went, making sure that anything which needed attention was sorted all in one go.


    Having now been shown some real care and properly serviced, this iconic Caterham is now ready for a loving new home to enjoy and maintain it as it always should have been.


    Please feel free to contact us for any questions. All our cars come serviced, inspected and MOT'd. We also provide all our customers with an in house guarantee to ensure the peace of mind that we care about our vehicles and our customers experience.
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    Caterham CSR 260

    • CSR 260

      CSR Chassis (SV Dimensions)

      6200 miles displayed

      McLaren Orange

      First registered 2008