The Supersport has always been one of Caterhams best models. The original version of the Supersport featured a 1.6l Rover K-Series engine, fitted with high lift cams, an ECU remap to produce 135bhp, along with a lightened flywheel and a shortened 3.9 ratio limited slip differential (LSD). The combined effect of these significantly improve the overall driving experience from the standard Roadsport, increasing the power output by 15-20bhp whilst also intensifying the throttle response and gear changes thanks to the lightened flywheel. The LSD adds bags to the character, promoting both under and over-steer in equal measure. The reduced final drive ratio pulls the gears closer together, aiding acceleration and in truth, far better suit the characteristics of the Caterham.


This Supersport has clearly had some use in its time, but despite the roll cage and sparse interior, was never actually a race car. Though there are many positives to this Supersport, its overall cosmetic condition means it could do with an owner who wants a car to recondition and build the way they would like it. A full repaint, potentially with some new panels would be advisable, and the interior needs to some work and new parts to bring it back to a nice standard.

This could be a very nice car, and if not sold by the time we make it to the winter months we will undertake this work ourselves. However if someone out there fancies a bit of a project, this could be a really nice opportunity to get stuck into.


As a "project car" this Caterham is sold without a service or warranty. It is advisable that interested parties come to look at the car for themselves before committing. Turn 7 could take on the reconditioning work on behalf of the buyer if desired, so please feel free to get in touch if you would like the idea of having a K-Series Supersport built up to your own specifications. 


For any questions, please dont hesitate to get in touch.

Caterham Supersport 135 - Project

  • Supersport

    Series 3 Chassis

    12400 miles


    First registered 2001