• This Spire GTR makes for one hell of a toy. The previous owner spared no expense in keeping it in the best possible condition and had it built for use as an occasional trackday car.


    Although this is clearly a very serious track machine, it is unbelievably road registered... meaning you could in fact fit it with some lights, stick some number plates on it and drive it to your local MOT centre!


    The last owner acquired the car in 2006 and since that time has undertaken two complete rebuilds of the car. The most recent rebuild happened in 2017 and was carried out by Spire aficionado, Tim Gray. During this comprehensive rebuild the car was totally dismantled and rebuilt on a brand new chassis, complete with all new ancillaries and a 1300cc Hayabusa engine.


    Since the rebuild this GTR has seen only a handful of days out and is now ultimately being sold due to lack of use.


    If you are in the market for a trackday weapon, or would like to go prototype racing on a budget, this effectively 5 years old and virtually unused Spire is an absolute bargain.


    Spire GTR

    • Spire

      GTR chassis

      Porsche Viper Green

      5116 miles

      First registered 2008